District Court

Russell County District Court is a State Office and is part of the 20th Judicial District which is comprised of Russell County, Barton County, Rice County, Stafford County, and Ellsworth County. The District Court is a part of the Judicial Branch of the State of Kansas.

For more information regarding Kansas courts, visit the Kansas Judicial Branch website.


  • Carla Miller, District Court Clerk
  • Susan Tomasino, Clerk
  • Teresa Bray, Clerk
  • Chantel Straub, Clerk


  • Hon. Steve Johnson, Chief Judge - Barton County
  • Hon. Lisa Beran, District Court Judge - Barton County
  • Hon. Carey L. Hipp, District Court Judge - Ellsworth County
  • Hon. Peggy Svaty, District Magistrate Judge - Ellsworth County
  • Hon. Crystal Miner, District Magistrate Judge - Russell County
  • Hon. Timarie Ann Walters, District Magistrate Judge - Stafford County
  • Hon. Richard Burgess, District Magistrate Judge - Rice County


  • Lundy Settle, District Court Admin, Barton County