Document Recording & Assistance

Documents presented for recording in the Register of Deeds office must be signed, notarized, and of sufficient legibility so as to produce a clear and legible reproduction. There must be a legal description. This typically includes a lot and block number and division or subdivision name for platted property. Unplatted areas usually contain section, township, and range numbers.

When a document is recorded in our office, it is assigned a book and page number and a time of recording. The document is photocopied, entered onto the computer, and scanned to form a computer image. The document is indexed in several ways to allow for future retrieval. The original document is returned to the sender.

What We Can Do    

Types of assistance the Register of Deeds can provide:

  • Record properly prepared documents
  • Provide information of property ownership and mortgages
  • Assist in genealogical research

What We Cannot Do    

  • Prepare legal documents or provide legal advice
  • Determine if title is good and clear
  • Provide sale price of land transactions