Sheriff's Office

  • Andrew L. VanDerWege, Sheriff 
  • Scott Axtell, Undersheriff
  • Carol Shannon, Administrative Assistance

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A Notice to the Public

We at the Russell County Sheriff's Office take seriously our commitment to the Citizens of Russell County, the State of Kansas, and the rest of the United States of America. We publicly announce that we are here to serve and protect all citizens which includes our commitment to take racial profiling seriously. 

We at the Russell County Sheriff's Office keep and track statistics on our traffic stops in accordance with state law. Also in accordance with state law, we provide annual training on racial profiling. 

We also accept and encourage all who feel that they have been victims of racial profiling to complete a Russell County Sheriff's Office Complaint Form (PDF) to have their complaints thoroughly investigated. All complaints can be filed by:

We thank you for your support and hope to serve you the best that we can.


Andrew VanDerWege, Russell County Sheriff