Entrance Application

Under the authority provided under KSA19- 10 1,68- 10 1, and 68- 170 1 and Russell County Resolution 2015-4, all new or additional entrances, or modifications to existing entrances to Russell County roadways require approval of Russell County.

You can download the form here: Entrance Application Form

Please follow these instructions when requesting entrance work.

  1. Complete the petitioner portion of the attached application and return to Russell County Highway Department.
  2. For new entrances, or relocation of existing entrance, please place the two flags provided at the center of the desired entrance location.

The requested entrance location will be field checked by Russell County and a determination will be made regarding the acceptable conditions. You will be notified by Russell County regarding the conditions and any required culvert pipe.

Petitioner must pay for the cost of the required culvert pipe for new entrances, and may be required to pay for modifications due to change in use of entrance.

Russell County Highway Department shall provide the required fill material and shall install the entrance. Entrance surfacing shall be performed by petitioner at petitioner’s expense, subject to approval by Russell County.

Any questions should be directed to Russell County Highway Department at 785-483-4032. Completed applications shall be mailed to Russell County Highway Department, 4288 U.S. Hwy 40, Russell, Kansas, 67665, delivered to Russell County Highway Department at 4288 U.S. Hwy 40, Russell, Kansas, or by completing and submitting the form below.

Utility Permit

You can find the Utility Permit Form here: Utility Permit Form

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