What if my mortgage company pays my real estate taxes and I receive the bill?

If you have an escrow account for your real estate taxes with a mortgage company, the mortgage company should receive the tax statement. Russell County's tax statements are printed on colored-stock paper, and this is the statement the mortgage company should receive. If you do receive the tax statement instead of the mortgage company, we ask that you forward it to the mortgage company so they can pay taxes from the escrow account. We also ask that you have your current mortgage company notify the County Treasurer's office so that we can get the correct billing information from them. As a courtesy to our taxpayers, we send a generic white tax statement, plainly marked COPY to the taxpayer.

Mortgage companies are required by Federal Law to make half payments, so they will be paying taxes on or before December 20 and on or before May 10.

Past due notices are sent to the homeowner, not to the escrow agent. If the mortgage company was to have paid these taxes, you must inform them that the County Treasurer's office did not receive payment. If there are any questions, the mortgage company needs to call the County Treasurer's office at 785-483-2251.

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