What should I expect at the informal meeting?

During the meeting, the appraiser will show how the appraised value was determined for your property. During or before the meeting, review the record on your property to be sure all the information such as age, style, and size is correct. You may also want to identify and review information the Appraiser's Office has on properties comparable to your own and sales of comparable properties. Residential owners who appeal successfully usually do so by finding comparable properties with lower market values or comparable properties that have recently sold for less than the value assigned to their property.

Please remember that the county appraiser is required to appraise property in a uniform and equal manner and should not be considered an adversary. The county does not receive more money by raising property values. The money needed for local services is set and budget hearings are held in August. Increases or decreases in property values do not change the amount of tax dollars needed for local services.

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