What is to be reported?
  • Trucks and pickups tagged 16,000 pounds or more
  • Cars, trucks, pickups, and motorcycles with expired tags
  • Mopeds, 3-wheelers, snowmobiles, golf carts, and dune buggies
  • Travel trailers, camping trailers, and fifth-wheels that are not self-contained
  • Flatbed and utility trailers
  • Mobile homes that are not considered real estate
  • Boats, boat motors, boat trailers, and boat cradles
  • Construction equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Pulling tractors, race cars

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1. What is personal property?
2. What personal property is taxable?
3. Who must report?
4. What is to be reported?
5. How is personal property classified and assess in Kansas?
6. Who must sign the personal property rendition?
7. When and where does a taxpayer file a rendition?
8. What penalties apply to personal property?
9. How are motor vehicles appraised?
10. How are recreational vehicles (RVs) taxed?
11. What is commercial and industrial machinery and equipment?